16 September 2011

studio palette

Lately I've been purging my watercolors, testing and removing paints I no longer use. Here is where I am so far. I often use my sketchbook to make decisions like this.

Most of these are convenience colors, easily mixed by other colors I already have (as can be seen by the pigment codes). But these are kept in my studio for when I want to just let colors mingle and have fun.

I'm still planning on removing another blue or two. Possibly manganese blue hue (which is really another phthalo) --- and wondering if cobalt blue deep will really totally replace ultramarine. I think it might!

Eventually I can drop permanent rose when I replace the alizarin crimson quinacridone with Daniel Smith's quinacridone red, which covers both.

I may also give up the serpentine green -- I love this paint but find the natural pigment paints tend to dry up in the tube too quick. Unless I immediately squeeze the whole tube into pans as soon as I buy it --- no problem with a dried up tube that way.

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