21 September 2011

illustrating for a friend

A friend was putting together a small prayer book for her church and asked if I could do seven illustrations for it. First, I looked through old sketchbook journals for things I could use.

Then I re-sketched each on some 200 lb. watercolor paper in a lightly penciled-in frame, so all the illustrations would be the same general size.Three of the illustrations were new, not from previous sketches.
Next I chose the paints I would use. I removed the tray from my studio palette, leaving just the chosen paints in the tin with all that mixing area. (I never even used the yellow!)

There are seven different prayer focuses in the prayer book with one illustration to go with each: thankfulness, healing, help in difficult times, children, the military, God's perfect will, and hope. These books and the same prayers on an overhead will be used in my friend's church for weekly prayer meetings open to anyone in the community who wishes to drop in for a short bit of time.


  1. Beautiful illustrations to enhance an inspirational book.

  2. Thank you, Elaine!
    My friend who wrote the prayers went through the same doubts and lack of confidence that I did --- yet it came together beautifully with everything supplied that was needed, including full support from her pastor.
    We both realized that God was behind the whole thing, so how can it fail?

  3. Beautiful gesture of beautiful illustrations for your friend. This is fantastic what you've done!


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