03 September 2011

out of control . . . ya think?

Guilty as charged. Yes, I recently bought TWO new palettes to add to my collection. An empty Schmincke travel palette because it had three large mixing divisions instead of two. And this white plastic one because it reminds me of Ricky Holtman's palette he used when we were on sketchcrawls together. I miss his stories and his strong faith in the Lord.

Ricky was an amazing artist who lost his battle with cancer. Check out some of his artwork HERE.


  1. I got one, too, but was somewhat disappointed in its construction.

    But congratz on stocking up. :)

  2. Yep, me too. *rg* It's hard for me to open though...

  3. I like the size and lightness of this palette, as well as the mixing areas. But it does seem to be a bit more flimsy than expected.

    Mine opens easily. Weird.


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