11 April 2011

sketchercise from last week

This time I painted these grape hyacinths with gouache w/o pencil first. The background was was done before leaving the house, with a thin wash.

This and the sketches below were done after taking Ceilidh on one of our small daily "walkabouts" --- she is slowly getting the hang of walking on a lead. I'm looking forward to longer walks with her but until her third shot we are avoiding other dog's areas.

And this is what happens to the 7 wild tulips in our yard every year. We may dig them up this time and place them closer to the building.

("wild" in that we didn't plant them -- they are placed very irregularly in the side yard --- they have unusually short stems of only a couple of inches.)


  1. Really beautiful! And I liked the first drawing!

  2. Those are lavender flowers? Love it!

  3. The purple flowers are a spring bulb called grape hyacinth, which have freely naturalized in our yard.

  4. Spring is definately here! I like how you left the colours you used on your palette in the photo.

  5. Hi, Cathy! I'm enjoying spring finally arriving too. Seems it's been a very long time waiting!


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