19 July 2010

Sunday's sketch

A misionary that our church helps support came to visit us on Sunday. Penny Dugan just returned from Durban, South Africa where she lives half of each year.

Penny is the director of New Jerusalem Missions, a ministry showing the love of Jesus to those affected by HIV / AIDS. She and fellow worker, Prince Jobe Sithole, have such amazing stories of bringing hope to so many.

Meanwhile, the ministry's home base is nearby in Newton, Kansas --- they are busy renovating an old hospital building to continue serving people locally, both those dealing with HIV / AIDS and the city-run homeless shelter.

Penny has such an amazing story of her own; we have been blessed to know her for many years. She took a personal tragedy that would have devastated so many in like circumstances and turned it into a ministry that reaches a multitude. Sometimes she writes of her African adventures on her blog. Amazing woman!

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