25 July 2010

illustration palette trial

I found an on-line article about paints used for illustrating children's books --- which colors are closest to those used by printers. Several on the suggested list I already have; I tried mixing substitutions for those I don't.

I illustrated a children's book for daughter-in-law Misty early this year. Printing it is on hold while she works at getting a foundation set up that will pay the printing costs. (The book's purpose is to help children in abusive situations)

I have often wondered how the illustrations will look in print. These colors do seem much brighter than those I did. When our vet, Dr. Beth, gets time to write the little books she asked me to illustrate, I think I'll try this set. But first, I'll play around with them . . .

The recommended paints (all Daniel Smith) are:
rhodonite genuine
perinone orange
hansa yellow medium
permanent green light
amazonite genuine
manganese blue hue
ultramarine blue
imperial purple
quinacridone gold
quinacridone burnt orange

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