22 July 2010

early a.m. walk

I have started to walk early in the morning. VERY early, trying to avoid the excessive heat and insect bites. Strange without a dog walking with me (My Scottish terrier is now my granddaughter's dog -- when she asked, I couldn't say no). Not sure if I can make this a habit or not, but so far so good.

Instead of my dog, I take along a sketchbook. Most days I don't sketch anything; this neighborhood hasn't really inspired me much. But once in a while something catches my eye. Earlier this week, it was a water tower so high above the trees.

Today, I noticed Peggy's new mailbox. She has recently become a Scottie rescuer, providing foster homes to Scotties in need of new homes. Not sure if Peggy will succeed as a rescuer --- she has come to love Abbie and Amber so much, I doubt she will be able to give them up.

I'm missing my own Scottie; I may ask Peggy if she would like help walking hers.


  1. Wonderful sketches! I bet you do miss your scottie. Sounds like your neighbor can help with that though :-)

  2. Hello, Ann! It helps knowing my Scottie is so happy with Jayna. He was a rescue from a puppy mill and had a lot of issues I was trying to help him work through. Since now having children of his own, he has suddenly discovered he is a dog and LOVES his new life!


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