22 February 2014

settling in to the Wild Bird Sanctuary . . .

At least that's what a small painted sign on our new property calls it. And easy to believe! We have identified over 16 kinds of birds so far and the spring returners have not even shown up yet! Including a pilated woodpecker -- which is NOT common to this area.

I sketched a bit of the front door while swinging in one of the porch swings on our patio (the former owners left theirs and we brought ours) while the braver of the birds visited the feeders next to me.

We seem to have a total of 37 trees, some ancient and many newly planted, as well as 5 large shrubs (3 crepe myrtle, which grow into trees here) -- no wonder the birds love it here!

Only sporadic internet though. We are far enough away from town that there are very limited options, and my "hotspot" does not always pick up a signal.

(for some reason, when I try to post this entry, strange links are appearing on some phrases. I did NOT put these in and warn readers not to click on them. Can't seem to make them go away . . .)

our new home

front patio
wild bird sanctuary sign, corner of property
Ceilidh and Bearcat settling in
art studio in a corner of the loft


  1. Hi, Vicky,
    your new home looks lovely with all those birds and porch swings!
    Wild bird sanctuary! Wow! You are going to have a wonderful time there!
    And love your sketch - how did you paint those white blinds?
    Wish you a joyful spring!

  2. LOL --- I didn't!
    I left the blinds white and painted the space between them.

    A joyous spring to you as well, Jana!

  3. Oh . . . and I used a white gel pen to draw in the vertical cords after the paint dried.

  4. Thanks! Perfect! I like how you managed to paint the space "behind" them! Various "shapes", not only one tone! I admire this!

  5. The way I made the differing tones of the space between the blinds is by touching a few areas with a damp brush (after the paint had dried), then laid a paper towel over these areas and gently blotting to lift some paint. Simulated the light hitting the glass.

  6. Thank you, Vicky! I like it!

  7. This is really beautiful. With your things in it, you must feel like you're finally home.


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