04 December 2022

new sketchbook

Another sketchbook, another sketch of my tools . . .

This time I’m using a small book I bound using a vintage book cover and Nideggen paper which is no longer made. This lightweight paper is made for printing, not watercolor, so it will take a bit of adjustment after using 140# watercolor paper!

After sketching out my currently chosen tools and inking them in, I already made one adjustment. I’ve been using a squirrel mop brush and a dagger, both travel brushes from Rosemary & Co. But the squirrel brush held way too much water and paint for this paper — so I switched it out for a #8 sable blend round brush.

The tiny pencil sharpener is not my favorite for Blackwing pencils which are great for holding elongated points, but we are traveling this week and this one fits in my Art Toolkit.

The large pan of white gouache is cracked but still usable. Recently I heard that if you add a drop or two of glycerin when filling the pan, gouache will not crack.

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