05 March 2018


I really should pay more attention to what I’m doing . . .

We were at Lowe’s where Bill was needing to pick up some supplies for an additional storage unit built onto his woodshop. And, as is common, one of their wheeled ladders was blocking his way. So we each grabbed an end to move it out of his way.

Unfortunately I did not see that the ladder was slightly turned toward the display shelves and that there was a fixture return box jutted out behind me. So my hand was pinched between the ladder and box. First reaction, “OUCH!” Second reaction, “I should sketch that.”

(It is fine now, swelling down, and no pain. Just a funny bruise . . . and a silly husband with a tale about me supposedly backhanding him! 🤪)


  1. Oh wow! That is quite the bruise. Glad it is o.k. now. You did a great job withnthe perspective on those steps!!!

    1. I drew both from photographs rather than on site. Much easier to capture perspective that way, plus I drew it AFTER getting some ice on my hand. By then, the huge bump in the middle had gone back down.
      This was actually fun to draw!

  2. Ouch! Glad it doesn't sound serious!

    1. Me too!
      Actually, after the initial injury, it really didn’t hurt much. Just a bit of ice on it and it was fine.


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