07 March 2018

Etsy shop now open!

I finally stopped procrastinating and opened an Etsy shop today. My shop’s officially name is “VickyWilliamsonArt” — not very original, is it? For now, as I learn how this works and if there’s even any interest out there, I am limiting sales to the United States.


  1. Can't wait to receive my wildflower print--if you don't mind, will you please sign on the mat? Thanks!

    1. Do you mean sign it where it will be seen after framing, or on the back? Also, my whole name or just “Vicky L W” like I normally sign art?

    2. Vicky, I just received my beautiful print. I love it. Thank you too, for the nice comment on the lovely bluebonnet card. I never thought about having the gift of encouragement. I am honored to be your first customer—I do hope the first of many to come. By the way, I think you and I purchase our mats, backing boards, and bags from the same company—Clearbags, yes???

    3. I’m so glad it arrived safely! I’ve been debating with myself whether to use priority mail for the tracking number, then decided to do that only for originals or if it’s the last print with no possibility of replacement.
      That bluebonnet card was a proof; I’ve had trouble explaining to the lady at the copy shop how I picture the finished product artistically — she likes adding a border without my asking for one. I’m not investing in a copier of my own unless my art sells a lot.
      I ordered my mats and bags from Amazon:

  2. What a good news, Vicky :-)
    Congratulations! And have a good luck!


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