14 October 2017

sharing a Zydeco Dancer

Following Bill's spinal tap - CT scan at College Station's Scott & White hospital, we went on a search for a Cajun lunch. There was a Cajun restaurant in Wichita, KS that had really awesome food -- I especially loved their tomato bisque! 

The food we ate at this "Razzoo's" on University Avenue was just average, and they had no bisque. But we shared this very yummy cheesecake dessert that was totally worth the stop here. The strawberries tasted absolutely perfect!


  1. Looks yummy. Great sketch as always.

  2. We used to live close to New Orleans and boy did they have some great cajun food!

    1. When we lived in Kansas, one of our renters was from Cajun country . . . and she loved to cook. It was only her husband and herself, but she didn't know how to cook in small batches . . . so we were blessed with wonderful authentic Cajun meals!


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