02 September 2017

bluebonnet and rocking chairs

Two more sketches for the sale . . . . This being Texas, a bluebonnet is required, right? The inviting rocking chairs are located on the porch of Heritage Sunday House bed and breakfast in Burton, TX. The framed quote hanging behind the chairs sort of describes the innkeeper, Diane. Such an awesome, talented woman!


  1. Love both sketches. I miss the Bluebonnets and the Indian Paintbrush. We used to live in Houston. I am thankful we are not still living in our old neighborhood that flooded. My heart and prayers go out to the people. Texas is showing itself proud by the way they are all helping one another.

    1. Our kids had told us about the incredible wildflowers in Texas but I was still blown away by their beauty when we moved here. Washington county seems to have the very best of them!

      Our kids who live in the Houston area had no damage; they are teachers (starting school has been delayed) so they are busy helping out neighbors who were flooded. Son-in-law Michael teaches band; he's planning on getting the whole band involved in clean-up.

  2. I am glad your kids are o.k. So many wonderful people helping!


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