17 September 2017

a spool coat rack and boots

These are two of the designs I'm using for note cards, to sell at an upcoming event in Burton, TX. Both images greeted us last May as we entered the Heritage Sunday House bed & breakfast; I knew when I saw those colorful boots all lined up that I would someday sketch them!

I also sketched the inn's resident cat Sammie, his peacock pals, the chickens Diane keeps, and Brewster, her old rooster. Brewster no longer lives at the inn, because he loved Diane but disliked her guests, but she sent me a photo of him. All of these were sketched to be printed into note cards but I forgot to take a photo of them --- I left them with the printer.

We tried a printing company in Bryan, TX (on a friend's recommendation) but they didn't get back with me for an estimate. So I looked on line and found Kwik Kopy, a small family-run business in Brenham. They seem to want to work with me . . . and their little shop also sells homemade fudge! Can't go wrong with that, right?


  1. Congratulations ! The colours look fabulous. To find a good printer can be such a battle. After many failures in Sydney, I was very fortunate to be recommended a great printer in Melbourne when I moved her. It is so difficult to get the colour right with scanning watercolour. I wish you all the best with your new venture

    1. Those colorful boots are the first thing I saw when we stayed at the bed & breakfast in May. Then the innkeeper found out I was a sketcher, and asked if I would sell things in her shop, which led me into this whole selling-art thing.
      The bright colors of those boots made me change my normal palette to a brighter one for this project, based on the yellow - magenta - cyan - black triad of printers.
      If the estimate turns out to be more than I can afford at this time, I will plan on selling originals in mats and just have note cards printed -- I think they might sell better.


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