25 March 2015

at the beach

On the second day of our recent visit to the Gulf of Mexico, we left Rockport and headed to Mustang Island where our kids would be camping a few days. To get there involved two bridges and a ferry to Port Aransas.

The skies were overcast, it was breezy, and the water colder than normal for this tome of year. And we loved every moment there! Found lots of interesting bits of shells and remains of a few sea creatures while wading. Lots of gulls, sand pipers, pelicans, and one friendly blue heron.


  1. Hi Vicky,
    your sea sketches are so lovely. It makes me want to be there too :)
    Love, how you did sea water and the heron. And love your flying birds...

  2. It was beautiful, Jana! Bill and I made reservations at a near-by bed & breakfast for our 43rd wedding anniversary in May. Hope to sketch on the spot then rather than using photos.


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