16 September 2013

simplifying and reclaiming

As we wait for Bill's bypass surgery, we are moving forward in plans to move to Texas. At the moment, that includes going through "excess stuff", getting rid of what we don't need to move with us. Over the weekend, we cleaned through a junk drawer in the top of Bill's dresser. Among the junk, we found this old belt caddy for a long-gone tool. As Bill was tossing it in the trash pile, I latched on to it --- It perfectly holds my three favorite travel brushes!

Which frees up a row in my favorite watercolor palette. Now I can fit in all twenty of my paint colors. Part of my simplifying and reducing includes cutting down on the number of watercolors I own. I once had around 40 --- ridiculous, I know, since so many were simply convenience colors easily mixed. While 20 still seems like a lot, it's greatly simplified for me.

While I'm at it, I went ahead and copied Cathy 'Kate' Johnson's idea of modifying this fountain pen. I took the bent flexible nib off my Hero M86 pen, which had an over-heavy cap that would not post on the end, and installed it in this Noodler's Creeper pen body. Much easier to use now!


  1. I have found that if we have space we fill it. if we get more space we fill that too. Moving 13 ish hours away from So CAL to here was job and a half since we had to sell up my Parents things..very emotional.. at the same time we were moving since my Dad passed away in the process of us deciding to move & selling both out places.. to Oregon. Something I hope never to have to do again. Hope things go well for you.

  2. You are so right about filling the space we have! We are purposely looking for a SMALL house but with a large structure that can be turned into a woodshop for Bill --- a large garage or small barn or outbuilding.

    How very hard it must have been for you, dealing with moving and your father's situation at the same time. I'm sorry to hear how sad it must have all been for you.


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