26 August 2013

recent sketching

waiting room, KS Spine Hospital

More waiting room sketching on Friday as Bill underwent the "long-term" pain relief procedure, where they go in and "microwave" the offending nerves. Supposed to give a year free from pain before the nerves grow back. . . . . So why is he still hurting so much 3 days later?

Then I did a bit of random sketching at church yesterday while noting down bits and bobs.


  1. Maybe he's sore from the surgery and once that heals he'll be ok for a year. I will keep you both in my prayers.

  2. Prayers much appreciated! His back pain is about 30% improved, but his right knee is twice as painful -- very little meniscus there but the nerves in his back direct pain there as well. Can't walk or stand well.

  3. Great journaling. Guess the pain was a heart attack waiting? I have been busy lately and not able to blog a lot or get to many blogs. Have to catch up here.

    1. No, the back pain is due to exaggerated facet cysts pressing against nerves with some arthritis added to complicate matters. Also, some severe pain in his right knee that may be totally unrelated -- they now think a nerve there has been damaged by the weight of equipment he has carried on his hip for too long. It can be treated in a similar fashion to the back.

      Since I posted this blog entry, the back pain has lessened in a big way; the knee is worse but can't be treated until the heart thing is dealt with. We DO wonder if his being in severe pain for such a long period is what triggered the heart attack at this time, though there are other contributing factors.


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