13 December 2012

waiting to be shot

After several mis-steps and a completely wrong diagnosis re: the pain and numbness in my leg, a second opinion showed a tiny cyst on one vertebrae. Two surgeons at the Joint & Spine center in Wichita think that one steroid injection will solve the problem.

Can't wait to be able to stand and walk freely again!


  1. Oh I hope that takes care of it. I have been having problems walking and sitting.. its from my back but mostly my hips being out of alignment from a fall long ago. Its getting better with treatment but I can empathize with you on your pain.

  2. Oh and great way of recording it too. :)

  3. Good luck and I'll pray this works for you... I went thru a series of shots like this four years ago myself... if did help, but did not last, unfortunately, I'm not a candidate for surgery...

  4. Sorry to hear of your misalignment, Cris. Sounds very painful. The past few months have made me more aware of what others suffer; I've gotten better at empathy maybe. I certainly pray for others from a new wisdom.

    Capt. Elaine, thanks for the prayers. I'm sorry you aren't a candidate for surgery. I'm praying for answers for you. Our local (small town) hospital's MRI doctor told me that my pain came from 4 bulging discs and that it was inoperable -- that I would have to live with the pain.
    I sought a second opinion with the Joint & Spine center in Wichita --- the doctors there were furious that I had been told such a thing. Looking at the same MRI, they found that my discs are NORMAL for 58 years old and said that bulging discs mean nothing unless they are herniated, which mine are not. My MRI clearing shows one tiny white tear-drop shaped mass, the soft cyst attached to my vertebrae, pressing against the spinal nerve. Not a hard "fix" when they know what's going on.


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