23 December 2012

tree cookies

When our small apartment-size Christmas tree wore out, we replaced it with a real goose feather tree (you can see an antique one HERE), just like Bill remembers his grandmother having. This year, we decided to only decorate it with tiny sugar cookies and candy canes . . . . the grandkids might leave one or two still on the tree by Christmas!


  1. Wow, this is great! The shading is excellent and those candy canes look realistically rendered, even stubby! Great job :D but... goosefeater tree? I never heard of that.

  2. Thanks! Feather trees were the original artificial tree of Victorian times. Long goose feathers are twisted tightly on wires, then the wires brought together in a tree shape.


    They ranged from "sparse" to very fully branched; traditionally they were white but some were colored (ours is a sparse white one).


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