04 November 2012

joy and sadness

This past spring, while Mikala was visiting us and her other grandparents in town, her cat back home in Houston died. Tigger was 14 1/2 years old with many health problems.

Our family has long loved Maine Coon cats -- and they were able to find a breeder with 2 for adoption at a reduced price. Mikala has been looking forward to this weekend a long time, when she would be able to bring her new babies home. Last month she was able to meet them -- I sketched this from a photo taken of them in her lap. The black & white is named Oreo and his brown tabby sister is named Hershey.

Sadly, Hershey has developed a hernia and won't be able to come home yet (if ever). She is too tiny to operate on; a vet tech is nursing her, hoping to add some weight so she can survive the operation.

Because Hershey is now living at the vet's for an unknown time period, the breeder has determined that she is not available for adoption --- but the vet tech taking care of her has already committed to becoming her "forever" home should she pull through, which at this point is unknown. The breeder is giving Mikala first pick for the next litter for Oreo's new playmate.

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