01 November 2012

bits of sketching this week

a yearly eye exam, a trip to the local used bookstore, and a physical therapy appt . . . .

This year's health challenges have just passed into ludicrous. I now have a cataract forming in my right eye. Possibly related to having been on steroids during treatment of both the vertigo and seborrhoic dermatitis? The doctor stressed that it was not the age-related type.

No one can possibly have this many health issues within a 6-month period. Impossible! Before this year, I never even had to go to the doctor. Yet the Lord is still in control: the vertigo is long gone, the dermatitis under control, the hair fall has stopped (it will be a while before regrowth is noticeable) --- So regarding the cataract? This too shall pass!

 (My new motto this year: KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.)

I'm having physical therapy for a pulled hamstring muscle that hasn't healed. The look on the therapist's face when he saw me drawing the foot skeleton was priceless!  He thought it was in honor of the day (Halloween) but I was simply drawing what was in front on me -- one of several display models in the exam room.

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