09 October 2012

random shopping on-line

Bill wanted some pencil clips for work --- He constantly loses pencils from his pocket. I found some at Amazon but they were so cheap, it would double the price for postage. So of course I took the opportunity to buy a few things to get the price up to "free shipping" at $25, right?

I saw this small travel stool in Tia's blog (from Singapore) and found that it was very inexpensive. Then found out when it arrived that it was made 30 miles from home, in Wichita! Just a bit larger than my sketchbook, it seems perfect for sketchcrawls. I'd like to add a shoulder strap for carrying, though. It sits a bit low, but that makes it easier to reach my supplies on the ground.

I like carrying mechanical pencils --- this clutch pencil is much more comfortable in my hand. The lead is so wide that it quickly shades thumbnail sketches in all tonal values; love the built-in sharpener in the top too! And it came in a neat little pencil tin.

The little book is on sketching outdoors in pencil; I thought it might help me improve my ink sketching on location. I tend to feel overwhelmed when "out there", unable to focus on what would make a good sketch.

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