20 October 2012

new minimal, lightweight palettes

I have put together limited primary palettes before but I never really got into using them on a regular basis. I've decided to give them more attention in the next few weeks, placing them in very lightweight plastic. The full kit is a travel-size first aid kit; the ultra-tiny palette is a wee pill box, which I can easily carry in purse or pocket with a waterbrush and paper towel.

In the first aid box: permanent rose, Hansa yellow medium, phthalo blue, quinacridone burnt orange, and Payne's grey. Plus 3 pencils, a tiny dip pen, 2 brushes, an eraser, and sponge.

In the pill box, I'm using up extra half-pans not being used elsewhere: rhodonite genuine, Hansa yellow medium, cobalt blue dark, quin. burnt orange, and Payne's grey. With the addition of a waterbrush, paper towel, and pen, I'm ready to go.

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