18 December 2011

trip to the lumber yard (?)

We went to the local lumber yard in search of drawer guides for Bill's brother's kitchen project. The best lumber yard in town (locally owned) closed last year; the chain store taking it's place is bigger but never has anything that Bill is needing.

So we came away without . . . except for some fresh produce. Now, why in the world were they selling produce at a lumber yard??? I don't know, but the grapefruit I ate last night was wonderful!


  1. What an interesting outing! Your page captures the adventure well. I especially like how you have painted the pineapple.

  2. Hello, Claire! We weren't surprised at not finding what Bill needed -- that's typical. But to find really good tasting fruit? Must be a Christmas thing there. Our granddaughter loves fresh pineapple, so we'll have it when she arrives from Texas.

  3. I love this!! Love the color!! I JUST CANNOT seem to get this vibrancy with watercolors? IS this watercolor? If so, what brand?

  4. Yes it is professional quality watercolor, mostly from Daniel Smith. I buy it in tubes, then squeeze it into empty pans and let dry a few days. Just before painting, spritz a bit of water on the pans to refresh. Type of paper makes a difference also; I usually use cold-press or Fabriano soft-press watercolor paper. Stillman & Birn journals are also excellent.


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