07 December 2011

just for fun

Playing with the Daler Rowner watercolor set I carry with me most often . . . and a couple of new toys. The paper strip in back holds the kid paints I popped out of the tiny toy palettes --- they are glued in place so they stick to the paper --- and made me sticky as well.

Flickr member 'Random Sketcher 2" recently showed her Daler-Rowney tin like mine, with additional paints added in the center section. Turns out they are simply half-pan paints popped out of their plastic pans. A simple fit! I don't buy paint in half pans; I fill empty pans from tubes. So mine are not as uniform in shape, but I was able to coax them out with an exacto blade and this old nut picker.

I read on Roz Stendahl's blog about these child's watercolor toy palettes --- she uses them to carry with her for the lightest of impromptu sketching, one for gouache and one for watercolor. The children's paints are easily popped out and replaced with artist's paints from tubes. A fun little toy!

I just added the few extra half-pans I wasn't using elsewhere (explaining a second burnt umber) --- then I thought, why not just form a couple of new "cakes" over a few days drying time? So I have now removed the extra burnt umber and plan to add the two colors shown in the lower corner.

BTW, I drew this in ink without being careful . . . . and bent metal with my bare ink lines! (No, the actual box does not curve.)


  1. Thanks for sharing :) I love seeing other sketcher's supplies!

  2. I love seeing what other artists are using also. We can often find great ideas from each other!


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