10 May 2010

weekend with Mikala

Today's Lego's are much more detailed than when I was a kid. 7-year old Mikala and I worked on a second story and roof for this house over the weekend. I stayed with her while her parents enjoyed a weekend in Las Vegas.

We went shopping just for fun; Mikala chose a couple of new Webkinz pets at a buy one / get one free sale. She got a Portuguese water dog and an Arctic fox, but she's saving their codes to put into the computer later when her year account is nearly up. For now, she added this Peppermint Puppy her other grandma gave her for Christmas. We played a lot of games together, both on Webkinz and regular board games.

On Sunday we painted butterflies together. Jason & Carrie gave her a kit for her birthday from the Houston zoo. The small plastic butterflies are flexibly soft and wonderfully detailed; I thought they were alike at first (before painting) but Mikala pointed out the botanical differences to me. She plans to use them to decorate her room.

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