17 May 2010

spring greens study

I would like to be able to paint quick landscapes in my sketch journals without niggling the details. So doing some exercises from a William Foster book --"30-Minute Landscapes" by Paul Talbot-Greaves -- seems like a good plan to follow.

I did not paint this in 30 minutes however; I was interrupted by a couple of phone calls, Jayna coming in to talk to me, then a quick trip to a fabric store with Carrie. I also wanted to walk away from the first washes, letting them dry before I jump in and try to tweak something, ruining it in the process.

That seems to be a common problem with me. I need to learn to let the watercolor do its thing and leave it alone -- to stop thinking I can perfect it (and accept that I can't). I like how this one turned out . . . maybe I can learn to follow the same guidelines when doing my own scenes.


  1. Good job, I love your little landscape. All your works are very lovely and nice and bright. Great!!

  2. Thanks, Martha! I enjoyed visiting your blog. Though I'm currently in Texas, I live in Kansas and often pass through Liberty on my way to sketchcrawls in Excelsior Springs.


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