10 March 2010

Rose & Kawliga

Just when I am full of doubt regarding my ability to illustrate books written by others, an unexpected thing happened.

I have not yet turned these illustrations for Misty's book over to her -- I'll do so in Texas in a couple of weeks. I don't think she has seen the finished pages I posted privately for her. My mind has been full of doubt as to their quality --- If there was plenty of time, I would probably re-do the whole project completely differently.

Then yesterday, our veterinarian dropped by to check Maxwell out and give us a health certificate to travel. He is going with me to Texas next week and will be given to 4-yr old Jayna as a surprise. She has been begging for him to come visit her ( . . . "and can he stay a L-O-N-G time?").

(Yes, our vet makes house calls! She is soon breaking ground on her new clinic; meanwhile, she makes house calls on her patients.)

Anyway, after finishing with Maxwell, Dr. Beth asked me about my illustrating. I thought she was only being polite. But she then said she was wanting to write a series of books for children visiting her clinic. "Uh oh," I thought.

I told her that first maybe she should look at what I've done for this book. And showed the illustrations to her . . . . She said YES, she DOES want me to illustrate her books, as soon as she researches publishing options.

I'm still in shock.


  1. This is a tender and beautiful illustration. I can understand why Dr. Beth wants you to illustrate her books.


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