29 March 2010

busy weekend

This past weekend started with checking my dog, Maxwell, in with a local kennel for boarding, then worship at Jason's church, Beth Yeshua HaMashiach (which translates to "house of Jesus Christ"). Immediately following the service, we headed to Austin for Quentin's 3rd birthday party.

All our family was there except husband Bill who has to work back home in Kansas, and our youngest son Jeff, still in the Navy. Fun to see the cousins all playing together! Matt & Misty put together a great party at a local park.

Kristen and Mikala drove in from the north side of Houston, but Kristen didn't feel up to driving home since she still had jet lag (having just returned from a mission trip to Romania), so I drove her car back to Houston with her (getting lost in Brenham, TX on the way!) Jason's family stayed in an Austin hotel overnight since travel is tough on a 2-month old baby.

Sunday, I went with Kristen's family to their church, Jersey Village Baptist. Then out for dinner and she drove me back towards Jason's -- they were just returning from Austin and met us half-way across town to pick me up. Houston is one really BIG city -- our daughter in the NW and our son in the SW are about a 45 minute drive apart by 70-mph freeway.

Then I kept the grand-babies while Jason & Carrie did their grocery shopping. And today? Pick up the dog from the kennel, get everyone dressed up, and head to a Passover celebration at a downtown hotel . . . .

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