25 March 2015

at the beach

On the second day of our recent visit to the Gulf of Mexico, we left Rockport and headed to Mustang Island where our kids would be camping a few days. To get there involved two bridges and a ferry to Port Aransas.

The skies were overcast, it was breezy, and the water colder than normal for this tome of year. And we loved every moment there! Found lots of interesting bits of shells and remains of a few sea creatures while wading. Lots of gulls, sand pipers, pelicans, and one friendly blue heron.

23 March 2015

more from the Gulf

Last Saturday we took a drive to the north shore of Corpus Christi to see the USS Lexington. An aircraft carrier from World War II, it is maybe a third of the size of the carrier our youngest son served on. But still so much to see that we missed some of it.

Bill loved his own time in the Navy, serving on a subtender, and enjoyed the self-guided tours. The Lexington was used as a training ship when we lived in San Diego so it was like seeing an old friend.

Later, we spent some time in a harbor in Rockport where we were staying. While looking out towards this pier, I saw a fin in the water. The others teased me about sharks . . . until Misty saw it. There were two wild dolphins swimming back and forth under the pier!

We ate supper at The Boiling Pot --- Quen liked it when they spread paper out on the table and handed out crayons to draw with. But what a shocked expression on his face when our food was brought out in a large bucket and dumped right on the table! The shrimp, sausage, and veggies were wonderful . . . and Quen enjoyed his peanut butter & jelly sandwich!

20 March 2015

trip to the Gulf of Mexico

Last weekend our son Matt and his wife Misty invited us to join them in Rockport, Texas to celebrate our grandson Quen's 8th birthday. I'm a bit slow in finishing and posting sketches.

We stayed in a private beach house only a couple of houses from the gulf; the above scene is what greeted us as Bill and I took an early morning walk.

The Gulf is so much bluer here than in Galveston! The water temperature is much cooler than normal for this time of year but beautiful.

18 March 2015

rose trimming

In central Texas roses are usually trimmed back in late February, but this year has been cooler than average and very wet. Also, I have been away from home a lot recently.

I finally got around to cutting our roses back to make way for new growth . . . and found this perfect rose bud from early December still looking as fresh as it did before the plant went dormant. I also love how the leaves turn red and reddish-purple on this particular plant.

11 March 2015

peanut concentration


Every day I took Jayna and Josiah to school last week, Judah would grump that he wanted to go to school with them. Normally he goes to his own "school" (daycare), but I preferred to keep him with me.

Bill drove down the end of the week; we took Judah out for a special day of his own on Friday, including lunch at Five Guys. He loves the peanuts!

06 March 2015

drawing for grandsons

It's Eagle Week again at Fort Bend Christian Academy where our oldest son teaches physics, and he and wife Carrie are off to Seattle with one of the teen mission teams. Leaving me as "granny nanny" again for their three kids.

During Eagle Week the school sends mission teams all over the U.S. and in other countries, doing various service projects. Kids unable to go on these trips do local projects in Sugarland. The past few years Jason's team has gone to Alaska to work behind the scenes for the Iditerod dog sled race but the timing didn't work out this year. So they are in Washington state.

I drew Josiah's colored marker pen and Judah's stuffed dinosaur just to see them smile.

03 March 2015

strawberries . . . in winter?

Even knowing we now live in a different gardening zone, Bill and I still marvel at some of the discoveries we are making. Like roses continuing to bloom off and on  all summer, autumn, and half-way into winter. Or the strawberry plants we set out last spring blooming all of February and even starting to set fruit! The first one is turning red in spite of temperatures some nights near freezing.

02 March 2015

weekend sketches

While driving to Brenham, we always enjoy looking at the gorgeous Texas Longhorns raised around here. Awesome beasts!

This past weekend Bill saw one sitting in the pasture like a dog --- such a funny sight! So I drew one in a similar position later.

26 February 2015

for Kathleen

Often on Wednesday night at church, my young friend Kathleen will bring a toy, asking me to draw it. Last night she asked me to draw this stuffed dinosaur; at first I said no. I really didn't feel like drawing toys --- I brought my art journal / sketchbook* in case I wanted to jot down notes.

But Kathleen has a sweet persistence that is hard to deny. So here is her sketch . . . plus a couple of ladybugs from her little sister Evie. There was an "infestation" of these tiny 3-D ladybug stickers as Evie gave one to each person present. Mine and Bill's are now attached to the cover of my journal.

* I 've called my books sketchbooks for a long time now, but they are really more journals or diaries that are illustrated. Art journals seem like a better description.

24 February 2015

walking on rocks

The circle drive we live on is covered with rocks. Not the uniform whitish gravel roads we knew in Kansas, but very uneven rock of various size and color. 

So of course I had to sketch a few.

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