03 July 2015


Our Arkansas friends have one of the sweetest natured dogs I have ever met. Maggie is part Siberian Husky and part Corgi. While we were there, she shadowed Bill wherever he went. If he and I sat on the couch, she wormed her way between us, often climbing on Bill's lap. 

02 July 2015

me as a high school senior

While visiting old friends in Arkansas last week, I found this old photo -- me as a high school senior. Hated those glasses but loved my waist-length hsir. I looked so much younger than my age!

After high school, I flew to Arizona to marry Bill who's Navy ship was stationed in San Diego. I used to take my Navy dependent's check to the Rosecrans base to cash it. I remember the guy asking me who my father was. I asked why? He isn't in the Navy. So he asked who my guardian was. "Hmmm . . . You mean my husband?"

23 June 2015


Waiting in the ER at a hospital in Mountain Home, Arkansas . . .  A dear friend is having some health issues, while his wife is beginning some form of dementia. We came to help so their daughter could take a much-deserved break --- they have treated both of us like they did their own kids since we were teenagers.

22 June 2015

a bit of lichen

With so much excess rain we not only see fewer mushrooms --- there seems to be less lichen and moss. Which seems curious to me. Fewer dragonflies, with their normal habitat under the flooded lake, but we are seeing a few of them return now. Which is lovely since they eat mosquitoes.

Yesterday was Virtual Sketchcrawl Day and I had planned on going out to sketch something "urban". But we were busy getting ready for another road trip so I only managed to draw this bit of lichen.

20 June 2015

on the road . . . again

We moved to Texas, following all four of our grown children, to avoid that long 10-hour drive. But it seems we still spend a lot of time driving.

Much shorter day trips to see our kids and grandkids, then home by nightfall --- and for that we are grateful! But now and then we still need to take those longer drives to visit or check on parents and older friends. On this journal spread I was trying to plan what to pack for a trip to Arkansas (a bit over 10 hours away). Then got bored and drew our bags.

19 June 2015

urban mish-mash

Our church, Jubilee Christian Center of Somerville, TX, is currently remodeling the building next door to us --- this is a view from the alley in back. We meet in an old downtown store-front building built in the late 1800s; adding the building next door gives us new office space and a separate room for Discipleship Study.

I love the mish-mash (is that even a word?) of textures and colors from past uses of this building. The slogan on our van used to read in full "Religious Free & Biker Friendly" --- That's what drew us to this church when we moved here. A long time ago we were done with just "playing church". It's all about a continuous, intimate relationship with the Lord, not religion. 

12 June 2015

heritage tomatoes

Because of the colder-than-average early spring followed by constant, flooding rains, much of our garden has suffered. My herbs are not happy, the strawberries washed out, and the non-blooming roses are possibly being eaten by deer. The wild animals even ate my Christmas cactus that bloomed profusely just two months ago!

But our vegetable patch is thriving! Delicious green beans, cucumbers and zuchini. We've made a couple of batches of salsa with smaller tomatoes and the peppers, and the heirloom tomatoes are huge and tasty.

11 June 2015


On these journal pages, I was just playing around. I had some stamp pads from years ago that were drying out --- so after spritzing lightly with water, I tested them on this page. Then added a tree silouette just for fun using a Pentel Pocket Brish pen.

Then this Pocket Art Toolkit cover arrived in the mail so I filled and drew it. It is from Maria Coryell Martin of Expeditionary Art, the same artist who came up with the magnetic Pocket Palette I use so much. She had this cover made especially to hold one of the kits she sells but she will sell the cover by itself for those who already have the palette, waterbrushes, etc. Very handy design and it fits easily in purse or pocket!

10 June 2015

Christ the Redeemer

This statue entitled "Christ the Redeemer" in Rio de Janeiro has long fascinated me. I love the clean Art Deco lines, and the size alone is amazing. Photos of it are featured in a praise & worship video often played at our church.

It measures 98 ft. high, not counting the 27 ft. pedestal, with arms stretching out to 92 ft. wide. Sculpted in soapstone over a concrete base, it took 9 years to  construct from 1922 to 1931. I would love to see it in person!

08 June 2015

mushrooms . . . or the lack thereof

Last year, when central Texas was still in a drought, we had all sorts of interesting mushrooms pop up in our yard. So many varieties! 

This year, with a large portion of Texas in flood stage with too much rain, all mushrooms seem to be missing. I drew these from photos I took last year.

Also missing are the dragonfly hordes who flew in, ate up all our mosquitoes, and flew on to new areas. I think they commonly breed in the vegetation along Lake Somerville, now under massive amounts of water. I miss them.

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