22 December 2014

Sunday's sketches

I sketched this from a photo on my iPod before church . . . then jotted down a few sermon notes as usual. I found lots of these orange mushrooms / fungi growing in the corner of our lot --- still haven't been able to identify what kind they are.

When I went out to take some photos of them, the local school bus turned into our housing community. Bad timing for me! Even though the speed limit in our community is only 15 mph, a rock was thrown by the bus' tire and hit me hard on the right temple . . . just a few days after surgery in that eye. Scary how close I came to real disaster, but I'm fine. Except for a lovely dark purple shadow over my eye and a painful bump. The eye doctor agreed with me: Someone was definitely watching over me!

Later in the afternoon our church held a "Bowl of Blessings" celebration. Before eating, some kids and I were drawing and coloring with colored pencils. This fooi8l-lined bowl of ornaments was in front of me so that's what I drew. I'm trying to teach the kids to draw what you see.

Then we all watched an old movie together called "The Ultimate Gift" . . . more notes jotted down.

20 December 2014

Blue Bell Creamery

Looking through this journal, I realized that the only page mentioning my mother's visit to Texas was her being in the hospital. But we had lots of good times before that!

The day after she arrived we took a fun tour of the Blue Bell Creamery, followed by a trip to the historic ruins of Baylor University in Independence and a stroll through the gardens of the Rose Emporium. I happened to have some photos from Blue Bell's lobby so I sketched from them. Including them in this journal is a good reminder of a lovely day.

19 December 2014

for Joseph

. . . who likes flamingos. Our daughter-in-law Carrie gave this to me, knowing I like Legos. These are MUCH tinier!

18 December 2014

holly in our neighborhood

Continuing to find bits of Christmas as we walk through our little community --- this time, a form of holly.

17 December 2014

a kissing tree

Beginning our walk a couple of days ago, Bill veered slightly off into a neighbor's yard to grab this twig off a tree. He wondered what kind of tree it was to have greenish white berries. I commented that it reminded me of mistletoe.

Later at home I searched online for Texas trees with white berries without luck. So I clicked on "images" . . . and there it was. It IS mistletoe, apparently a common parasite on central Texas trees! I guess I'd never thought about what mistletoe actually is or where it comes from, having a vague idea that it is from Britain.

16 December 2014


This sketch was begun in the waiting room of St. Joseph Hospital as I was waiting for my second cataract surgery. The tree in the lobby was filled with feathered birds and vintage-style glass ornaments. 

Afterwards, it took a few days rest and recovery time before I could finish with watercolor. But praise God, my eyes now work well together and I can see clearly!

15 December 2014

December roses

We have roses still blooming everywhere here in central Texas, including these enormous deep red roses at our back door. Their old-fashioned fragrance is the best I've ever smelled.

11 December 2014

more random drawings

My young friends came into our church last night seeing me sketch my cat from an iPod photo, and wanted to join in. Kathleen perched a couple of stuffed animals and ask me to draw them. Evie chose to draw her multi-color ink pen inu journal. Then it was time for church to begin so I added color later at home.

Earlier the same day, Bill took me out to lunch, trying another of the hometown restaurants in Somerville. This one actually offers choices in HOT tea! Most places in mid-Texas only ask "sweet or unsweetened?", meaning iced tea.

10 December 2014

learning to see

I still love finding and sketching twigs sculpted with various forms of lichen, but this week I'm not so good at seeing the details.

The new implanted lens in my left eye corrects my vision to be able to see clearly at about 12 to 14" away. When combined with 20/20 to be placed in my right eye, I will be able to see without eyeglasses. 

But I have been used to holding objects much closer when drawing fine details and I keep forgetting to move them further away. This is going to take practice to learn new habits.

09 December 2014

one-lens Nellie?

For this time between surgeries to remove cataracts, only the undone eye needs glasses. So Bill removed the left lens from my eyeglasses. Looks a bit weird! Looking forward to not needing glasses at all.

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