21 August 2017

random sketchbook pages

As I keep busy making sketches to print and sell in October, my artist journal has been a bit neglected. But every now and again, I just play a bit in it. Here, I threw some unused pans of paint together in a flat mint tin I had just emptied of mints . . . Very bright colors for me! Quinacridone red (these days, I prefer quin. rose), Hansa yellow (I had a half-pan each of light and medium), and cobalt blue dark (a color I once tried but never quite took to) --- plus 3 neutrals and a sponge to clean a waterbrush on.

Then the next day I drew our new bathroom door, an oak barn door Bill made. The room is so tiny anyway, plus our stacked washer / dryer is in there behind where the old door opened, that a sliding door made more sense. And it just looks good in our rustic log cabin.


  1. I love the sliding barn door! We have been thinking of adding one in our master bath. It was built without a door into the bedroom, so there is no room for a regular door. Such a cool idea!!

    1. It turned out beautifully! We looked at barn door hardware at local venues but found it at half the price on Amazon.

    2. Good to know! Thanks! I think we are both blessed with very talented husbands!


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