09 June 2017

non-photogenic sketching

I have never been photogenic . . . and the same holds true of trying to sketch myself. But I wanted to record a few visual memories of our renewing our wedding vows this year so I drew from photos others took. Not happy with how this turned out -- almost didn't post it -- but time to move on . . .


  1. You have beautiful dress, Vicky, and BTW, love how you have drawn Bill...

    1. I did like that dress! I ordered it online, a Mexican peasant / bohemian style made of batik cloth. Very inexpensive but just right for a special event.
      The sketch of Bill on the lower right looks a bit like him; those in the upper left really messed up by ink blobs and scraping to try to remove them. I like how Pastor Gary turned out though, even if it's only his back.


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