25 March 2013

Springtime . . .

. . . accompanied by the latest snow storm. The Kansas prairie seems to be conspiring to encourage Bill to move to warmer parts of Texas when he retires.

Actually, he has already acknowledged that we WILL move to Texas sometime in the future. After raising our 4 children here in Kansas, all four have settled in various parts of Texas. Now, with 5 grandchildren born there, it seems only natural to move there ourselves. Bill resisted the idea for a long time, loving Kansas, but it looks like the Lord has changed his thinking lately.

(Honest!!! I have stopped talking about it to him myself, learning to be thankful for our being here at the present. So it must be the Lord's doing . . . )


  1. Winter is hanging on here at the Great Lakes also. Hope you do get to move to Texas to be closer to your kids and grandkids.

  2. Winter was slow arriving; now it seems even slower leaving. We missed snow and the changing seasons when we lived in San Diego when first married --- must be getting old, huh?

    I AM looking forward to moving to Texas . . . whenever the good Lord arranges it!

  3. Wow... Texas. Don't feel bad, though... it snowed here in NY last week, too! Thankfully the last few days have been nice... I've missed the sun!

    Have a Happy Easter, Vicky!!! God bless :)

  4. Thank you -- I hope your Easter was blessed as well!

    We warmed up to the 70s the past 3 days, only to be in the 40s today. No more snow, but a chilly rain is on the way.


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