30 June 2010

a bit of gardening . . .

This morning I found wild morning glory trying to strangle my Russian sage, and the basil & dill were trying to flower too soon. I want to harvest them for cooking, not flowers.

As much as I enjoy growing herbs, tomatoes, and flowers in containers and the tiny beds next to our 1920 apt. building, I don't really spend much time at it. Not for lack of energy or time or sunshine . . . but because of this crazy allergy of mine.

No sniffles, no sinus trouble. Just severe rashes from bug bites. One bite can lead to a 3 - 4" swollen mass of itchy, oozy sores. I'd rather not add to those I already have, so I avoid going outside much. Of course, that puts a damper on plein air sketching.

The hens & chicks leaves I brought in are to chill in the refrigerator; the sap inside is very soothing to bug bites and even helps with the itching.


  1. It's terrible to have allergies - mine are the sinus type now but I used to have the hives and rashes...not sure why things changed. I hope yours fade away and never return.

    I love your morning glory sketch!

  2. Yipe! Sinus headaches are nasty!

    I used to get them; now skin issues are my one bane. Curious, huh?


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