28 April 2010

Jayna's new dog

I knew it was coming. Jason and I had discussed the possibility for several months before I came for an extended visit to Texas.

For over 6 months, Jayna has been asking for a dog of her own. Specifically, she wanted Maxwell to be her dog. We got Maxwell from a Scottie rescue group when he was 7 months old; one month later, we took him with us to visit our kids in Texas, including Jayna who was 10 months old at the time. They hit it off right away and have been great pals ever since.

Maxwell was rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri where he had been treated as a commodity, not an animal. No contact with adults. But the people running the place had grandchildren who played with the puppies. As a result, he bonded with children from the beginning but is shy around adults.

A few weeks ago, Jayna came to me and asked if Maxwell could stay in Texas when I go home and be her dog. Of course I said yes --- it will be good for both of them. Since I brought him with me this spring, he has been much happier . . . suddenly he is acting like a confident, happy dog. He just needed a child of his own.


  1. How wonderful for Jayna and for Maxwell! These two souls just needed each other. And you are a very, very sweet grandmom for letting your 4-footed baby baby go live somewhere else. I don't know that I could do that. It would break my heart.

  2. Wow. Simply an amazing act of love for all involved. Will you look into another puppy once you move?

  3. Thanks for the sweet comments, Speck and Melissa! It's not hard to give up Maxwell when I see how much happier he is here.

    Melissa, I'm not moving -- just visiting my son & his wife in Texas for a couple of months, helping "nanny" a new grandson, Jayna's new brother.

    Back home in Kansas, I have a gigantic Maine Coon cat that is more than enough "dog" for my husband and me. And I'll see Maxwell several times a year.


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